File for PCO

Filing week is May 14-18

Now is the time to file for Precinct Committee Officer (PCO)

If you are an elected PCO, you still need to file if you want to continue to be a PCO next term. Your current term will continue until Dec. 1st, 2018.
If you are an appointed PCO, or have applied to be a PCO, now is your chance to file and be elected!
What happens after you file? If no one else files as a Democrat in your precinct, then you will be automatically elected, and your term will start on Dec. 1st, 2018. If more than one person files as a Democrat in any precinct, all names will appear on the primary ballot and the top vote getter will be declared elected (RCW 29A.80.051).
All elected PCOs will have voting privileges at the next reorganization meetings in December, where we will elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and State Committee Members for Yakima County and the 14th and 15th Legislative Districts. These people, along with PCOs and other volunteers, will be the team that carries us through the 2020 elections. The work that many of you have been doing – canvassing, phoning, and volunteering for campaigns – is very important, not only for those campaigns but for updating our data, and building the skills we will use to get out the vote in 2020.
Our goal is to have a Precinct Committee Officer in every precinct. PCOs are primarily responsible for organizing in their neighborhoods, identifying and encouraging like minded voters to cast their ballots. One-on-one conversations are the best way to do this, and with your help, we can organize our entire community and build effective grass-roots teams!
Once you are elected, we will support you with training, resources, and recruitment tools to find volunteers to work alongside you. We will be launching regular meetings for PCOs to network, socialize, learn skills, and plan actions, and also a Facebook group.

Will you join us?

Here’s how to file for PCO:

By mail: Print, fill out, and mail this form to the Yakima County Auditor, 128 N 2nd St #117, Yakima, WA 98901. Your form must be received by 4pm on Friday the 18th.
In person: take the form to the Auditor’s office, located in the Yakima County Courthouse at  128 N 2nd St., between 9am and 4pm, Monday the 14th through Friday the 18th.
There is no fee to file for PCO.
To find your precinct number, go to MyVote and check your personal voter file.

Have questions about being a PCO? You can find more information at, and at the State Party’s PCO page


Some folks have been PCOs for many years, and we thank you for your service and hope you will continue with us into 2020! However, most of the precincts in Yakima County are still vacant. We currently have about 30% of precincts filled by elected and appointed PCOs. That leaves 70% of Yakima County precincts in need of a neighborhood organizer – that could  be you!

We hope you will join us in this important work!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email, send us a message on Facebook, or call 452-7197.

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