The Yakima Democrats are all-volunteer and entirely supported by donations. 

Maintaining an office, creating training programs and materials for volunteers, and doing community outreach all have costs, and that is why we need your ongoing support.

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You can mail your donation to: 

Yakima County Democrats, PO Box 121, Yakima WA 98907


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Why should you support your local party? What do the Democrats do? In a nutshell, we create opportunities for people to be involved in the democratic process, at both the local and state level.

We’re part of an all-star Democratic team in Washington State (including a State Party Field Organizer based right here in Yakima) and we have access to tools, resources, and support that will help us build our local organizations and win races all over the state this fall. We need your ongoing support so we can maintain our office and invest in more outreach materials and programs to connect with voters in our community.

Last year, by participating in the State Party’s “Summer of Canvass” program and other training opportunities, we laid the foundation for the work we’ll need to do this year to elect Democrats. Now, we need to put all our skills and resources to use to reach out to voters in the 14th and 15th Legislative Districts, and the 4th Congressional District.

We need to train new leaders, bring more young people into the political process, register thousands of new voters, and actively support Democratic candidates for office.

We do this by holding meetings, forums, trainings, registering voters, supporting candidates, and participating in community events and grassroots activism. We build partnerships and work with other organizations and movements, and work together toward mutual goals. We learn, and teach, how to be advocates for the issues we care deeply about, and how to effect change through the political process.

All of these vital activities have operating costs, both in funds, and in volunteers’ time and skill. The Yakima Democrats are part of an amazing State Party team, but we are still an all-volunteer local organization, and we are funded entirely by donations. This is why we need both your active participation, and your ongoing financial support.

Will you be one of our sustaining donors this year? 

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Or, mail your donation to:

Yakima County Democrats

PO Box 121

Yakima WA 98907

Thank you for your time, ideas, and donations!