Executive Boards

Yakima County Democratic Central Committee (YCDCC)

  • Chair, Naomi Whitmore
  • Vice Chair, Jack McEntire
  • Secretary, Leslie Van Guse
  • Treasurer, Margie Van Cleve
  • State Committee Member, Susan Soto Palmer
  • State Commitee Member, Matt  Sagen

14th Legislative District

  • Chair, Sasha Bentley
  • Vice Chair, Matt Sagen
  • Secretary, Leslie Van Guse
  • Treasurer, Ron Shaw
  • Sergeant at Arms, Betsy Shedd
  • State Committee Member, Patricia Whitefoot
  • State Committee Member, Mathew K.M. Tomaskin

15th Legislative District

  • Chair, Julia Hart
  • Vice Chair, Scott Spooner
  • Secretary – will be appointed
  • Treasurer – will be appointed
  • State Committee Member, AJ Cooper
  • State Committee Member, Erik Smestad