The purpose of the Yakima county Democratic  Central Committee is to elect Democrats to public office and to promote democratic values within the community.

We assist individuals through training and support to develop leadership skills so they may effectively participate in the community, leading to appointed or elected public office. The Democratic Party actively engages the media, promoting our positions, and supports coalition building around our values.


  • Stewardship of the environment
  • Service to the community
  • Economic, racial, and environmental justice
  • Accessible and affordable health care for all
  • Safe working conditions and fair, living wages
  • Quality public education
  • Peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Equal opportunity for all

We welcome your participation! Not sure where to get started?

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Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Become a Precinct Committee Officer
  • Volunteer for a campaign
  • Register voters
  • Attend or teach a workshop
  • Become a community advocate for an issue that matters to you

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