2020 Candidates

Following is a list of recommended and endorsed candidates running for Local (County Commissioner), Legislative (13th, 14th, and 15th Districts), US Congress (4th District), Judicial, and statewide races this year.

Please note, not all candidates running are listed. This page is not intended to be a complete list, but rather to provide information about Democrats running for office, or in the case of races where no Democrats are running, to provide information to help you make a decision among the available candidates.

All information is compiled from publicly available sources, including the Public Disclosure Commission. See the certified results of the primary election here.

Endorsed candidates are listed in bold. You can view candidate questionnaire responses here. We will also link to news articles about candidates under each section.

Stay tuned for updates!

13th Legislative District (map)

Eduardo Castañeda-Díaz (D)

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14th Legislative District (map)

Tracy Rushing (D) (Endorsed by 14th LD and Yakima County Democrats)


Devin Kuh (D) – write in candidate (Endorsed by 14th LD and Yakima County Democrats)

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Yakima Herald July 20th, 2020: Corry faces Democratic challenger in 14th Legislative District

Yakima Herald July 25th, 2020: White Salmon Democrat announces write-in challenge to Republican state Rep. Mosbrucker

15th Legislative District (map)

AJ Cooper (D) (Endorsed by 14th LD, 15th LD, and Yakima County Democrats)


Jack McEntire (D) (Endorsed by 15th LD and Yakima County Democrats)


Not sure what district you’re in? Check here!

4th Congressional District (more info)

Doug McKinley (D) (Endorsed by 14th LD, 15th LD, and Yakima County Democrats)

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Yakima Herald July 22nd 2020: Primary election: 4th District House candidates share views on coronavirus response

Yakima Herald July 23rd 2020: Primary election: 4th District House candidates talk policing and immigration

3rd Congressional District (more info)

Carolyn Long (D) (Endorsed by 14th LD Democrats)

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Yakima County Superior Court Judge

Jeff Swan


Yakima County Commissioner, District 1 (map)

Only residents of District 1 will vote in the primary. All of Yakima County votes in the General Election.

Vicki Baker, incumbent (R)


Amanda McKinney (R)


Cindy O’Halloran (no party preference)


Yakima Herald, July 19th 2020: Primary election: Three-way race for District 1 Yakima County commissioner seat

Statewide Offices


Jay Inslee, incumbent (D) (Endorsed by 15th LD Democrats)


Lieutenant Governor

Denny Heck (D) (Endorsed by 14th LD, 15th LD Democrats)

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Marko Liias (D) (Endorsed by 14th LD Democrats)


Secretary of State

Gael Tarleton (D)



Mike Pellicciotti (D)



Pat McCarthy, incumbent (D)


Joshua Casey (D)


Attorney General

Bob Ferguson, incumbent (D)


Commissioner of Public Lands

Hilary Franz, incumbent (D) (Endorsed by 15th LD Democrats)


Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler, incumbent (D)


Superintendent of Public Instruction (non partisan)

Chris Reykdal (incumbent)