Following is a list of candidates running for Local, Legislative (13th, 14th, and 15th Districts), US Senate, US Congress (4th District), and Judicial races this year. All information is compiled from publicly available sources, including the Public Disclosure Commission.

See who has filed at the Yakima County Auditor’s Election page here, or at the Secretary of State page here. If any of this information is in error, please let us know.

The Yakima County Democrats have not yet made any endorsements. Stay tuned for updates!


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Yakima County
County Assessor
William (Dave) Cook (incumbent) R
County Auditor
Charles Ross (incumbent) R
County Clerk
Tracy Slagle R
Janelle Riddle R
County Commissioner District 3 (Rand Elliot retiring)
Brent Knautz R
Jose Trevino R
Lisa Homer R
Norm Childress R
Steve Changala R
Summer Derrey R
Susan Soto Palmer D
County Coroner
Jacky Hawkins (incumbent) R
James Curtice R
Daniel Williams R
Prosecuting Attorney
Joe Brusic (incumbent) R
Nolan Wentz R
Rick Mottice R
Bob Udell R
Dave Simmons R
County Treasurer
Ilene Thomson R
Yakima County District Court Judge
Pos. 1
Kevin Roy
Pos. 2
Brian Sanderson
Pos. 3
Donald Engel
Pos. 4
Alfred Schweppe
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13th Legislative District
Position 1
Jesse Hegstrom Oakey D
Tom Dent (incumbent) R
Position 2
Matt Manweller (incumbent) R
Sylvia Hammond D
Judy Warnick (incumbent) R
14th Legislative District
Position 1 – Norm Johnson, retiring
Chris Corry R
Earl Lee D
Kathy Coffey R
Sasha Bentley D
Position 2 – Gina Mosbrucker (R)
Gina Mosbrucker (incumbent) R
Liz Hallock D lizfor14
Noah Ramirez D
15th Legislative District
Position 1
Bruce Chandler (incumbent) R
Jack McEntire D
Position 2
AJ Cooper D
David Taylor (incumbent) R
Jeremie Dufault R
Mario Martinez no party
Bengie Aguilar D
Jim Honeyford (incumbent) R
4th Congressional District
Christine Brown D
Dan Newhouse (incumbent) R
US Senate
Maria Cantwell (incumbent) D
Joey Gibson R
Susan Hutchison R
Supreme Court, Position 8
Steve Gonzalez (incumbent)
Nathan Choi
Supreme Court, Position 9
Sheryl Gordon McCloud (incumbent)
Supreme Court, Position 2
Susan Owens (incumbent)