2018 County Convention Agenda


2018 Yakima County Convention

and Legislative District Caucuses (13th, 14th, 15th)

Saturday, March 24th 2018 – 10:00 AM

Yakima County Democrats Office, 402 S 3rd St., Yakima WA

Registration will open at 9:45 AM*

  1. Call to Order – 10:00 AM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  1. Moment of Silence for local Democrats recently passed
  2. Welcome from Temporary Chair
  3. Appointment of Temporary Officers
  4. Recognition of Speakers until Close of Registration
  5. Credentials Report (no earlier than 11:00 AM, per the Delegate Selection Plan**)
  1. Adoption of Rules
  2. Election of Permanent Chair
  3. Appointment of Permanent Officers
  1. Recess County Convention
  1. 13th Legislative District Sub-Caucus
  1. 14th Legislative District Sub-Caucus
  1. 15th Legislative District Caucus
  1. Reconvene County Convention
  2. Adoption of Platform and Resolutions
  3. Good of the Order
  4. Adjournment

*Due to the March for Our Lives event also being held at 10am, which many Democrats may also want to attend, registration will remain open until at least 10:45 AM, or later at the discretion of the Temporary Chair.

**2018 WA State Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan.