Yakima County Commissioner, District 3 (map)

All of Yakima County votes in the General Election

susan soto palmer

Susan Soto Palmer Website | Facebook

(running against Norm Childress)

13th Legislative District (map)

Part of Yakima County is in the 13th LD

Jesse Hegstrom Oakey  Website | Facebook

(running against Tom Dent)

sylvia hammondSylvia Hammond  Website | Facebook | Twitter

(running against Matt Manweller)

14th Legislative District (map)

sasha bentleySasha Bentley  Website | Facebook

(running against Chris Correy for Norm Johnson’s open seat)


liz hallockLiz Hallock  Website | Facebook | Instagram

(running against Gina Mosbrucker)

15th Legislative District (map)

aj cooperAJ Cooper  Website | Facebook

(running against Jeremie Dufault)


jack mcentireJack McEntire  Website | Facebook

(running against Bruce Chandler)


bengie aguilarBengie Aguilar  Website | Facebook

(running against Jim Honeyford)

4th Congressional District (more info)

christine brownChristine Brown  Website | Facebook | Instagram

(running against Dan Newhouse)


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